Basic company activities are indoor painting and facade works in building.

The works are done under the client wishes and as agreed using the most quality domestic and foreign materials in modern processing and technology of known companies both in Serbia and abroad as for example:

  • "METALLOCRYL INTERIOR" (metallic effect)
  • "METALLOCRYL EXTERIOR" (metallic effect)
  • "ARMARENO 700" ( natural effect  Travertino of sediment stone )
  • "ART-LASUR" ( interior Antico paint )
  • "DECO-LASUR" ( colourless lusterless and shiny and glossy coat for the wall surfaces )
  • "ART TWIN" ( multi colour trowel technique for natural, elegant and stylish indoor wall surfaces )
  • "OTTOCENTO" (fine damask, silk appearance with discreet glow)
  • "PALLAS" (crystal effect, homogeneous appearance)
  • "ENCANTO" (rustic effect, with tiny grain structure)
  • "KREOS" (relief decorative appearance)
  • All types of wall-papers sticking
  • Painting and dispersion wall treatment and wall treatment with all materials of various and different quality, class and effect
  • Painting of locks and wooden doors and windows etc.

About the detailed types and sorts of painting works and techniques that we perform you may be informed by visiting our show-room at 70 Maksim Gorki, Belgrade - "LIK Vranješ" or visit our website

In a cozy atmosphere talking to skilled personnel you will be shown samples, techniques and wall painting as well as wall-papers and be informed about all that.

We can offer you aforementioned works as well as all the other company services by offering you a skilled team of our employees that are trained and are improving their skills continually and this all to meet your needs and criteria.

This enables us to be continually, in the course of the last two decades, at the top of the list of the most prosperous small companies in Republic of Serbia.

Tradition and Experience

Tradition and the years of experience oblige us to fulfill our tasks:

  • Shortest possible
  • With high quality
  • Efficiently

Painting and Facade Works

Works on Various Projects

  • Hotels and caterer facilities
  • Embassies
  • State Institutions
  • Private residencies
  • Premises and business facilities
  • Housing projects ( houses and apartments)