Coloring d.o.o.

House painter shop was established as S.Z.R. (Independent craft shop) VRANJEŠ BOGDAN & DUŠAN with its H.O. in Zagreb in 1981. The main activities of the company are painting the interior i.e. painting the indoor walls but also outdoor walls i.e. façade works as the part of the final phase in house building.

At that time the company in the cooperation with known companies from Zagreb (Zagrebgradnja, GAP etc.) worked on many buildings on the facades at Ban Jelačič square in Zagreb; Art and Craft Museum and many others.

The tradition to execute quality works has been continuing in Beograd since 1993 and once upon time craft shop became firm "Coloring" d.o.o. and its owner and managing director is Mr. Bogdan Vranješ graduate economist.

The main characteristic of the company is its quality painting, its quality execution of different painting techniques as well as solid facade treatment…

During 2007, Mr. Vranješ, by privatization procedure took over and reopened a tripped firm in the same field, the company "LIK" d.o.o. By the time it expanded its activity on importing painting goods and representing "CAPAROL", well known German producer of paints, lacquers, wall papers, and facade materials, selling and distributing its painting goods as a wholesaler.

In the same year, 1997, the first show room of painting techniques and innovations in the field
"LIK VRANJEŠ", at 70 Maksima Gorkog St., in Belgrade was opened.

In a cozy atmosphere you may be acquainted with the different painting techniques, wall papers, and a modern way of toning hues of the renowned German producer CAPAROL (SYNTHESA - Austria).

Please feel free to visit the show room website at

Being in cooperation with successful companies as Energoprojekt, Napred, Koling, Delta Holding, MPC Holding are and with its quality guaranteed works "Coloring" d.o.o. consolidated its position at the market.

Until today our companies have taken part in a great number of successful projects as well as in maintaining facilities like TC "Ušće" i "Delta City", facilities of "Delta Holding"; housing projects: "Oaza", "West 65"; luxurious city quarters: "Mačkov kamen", "Cvećara"; the Youth Museum, Serbian National Library, production sections of "Soko Štark" and "Grand"; Embassies and private residencies, different premises, apartments and individual houses.  .

Do not hesitate to visit our premises and be successful,

Bogdan Vranješ, graduate economist

Tradition and Experience

Tradition and the years of experience oblige us to fulfill our tasks:

  • Shortest possible
  • With high quality
  • Efficiently

Painting and Facade Works

Works on Various Projects

  • Hotels and caterer facilities
  • Embassies
  • State Institutions
  • Private residencies
  • Premises and business facilities
  • Housing projects ( houses and apartments)