We are skilled to perform works indoors and outdoors in all types of buildings (residencies, commercial and business facilities but also in industrial and production premises).

  • Housing project and development
  • Residences
  • Commercial and business facilities
  • Production and industry premises

Works were performed at: Hotel "Hyatt", Hotel "Jugopetrol" Zlatibor, Republic of Serbia Parliament, Republic of Serbia Government Building, "Srbijašume", "Večernje novosti", Post Office in Vasina St., Vuk foundation, National Bank of Serbia, City passage, Shopping Mall and later also a hotel complex Nikić in Podgorica, apartments in Herceg Novi (Montville), Stadium Partizan, Mercedes, West 65 and many others...

Many embassies, private residences, different premises, apartments, and houses are there to guarantee the quality of our painting services.


In many years of our existence until today we have been of high standing and we have been collecting a great number of friends and close collaborators and they are the companies that we get the most quality materials from and they are also the investors and companies that we together took part in various projects and without them our success would not be possible to achieve.

  • "NAPRED"
  • "OIKOS"
  • "KOLING"
  • "PFB"

Tradition and Experience

Tradition and the years of experience oblige us to fulfill our tasks:

  • Shortest possible
  • With high quality
  • Efficiently

Painting and Facade Works

Works on Various Projects

  • Hotels and caterer facilities
  • Embassies
  • State Institutions
  • Private residencies
  • Premises and business facilities
  • Housing projects ( houses and apartments)